Virtual RSA SecurID Authentication Agent

Virtual RSA SecurID Authentication Agent

RSA SecurID is the market leader in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with a market share of over 50%.  The core of the RSA SecurID infrastructure is its Authentication Manager which provides user Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA).  What facilitates communication between the Authentication Manager and a device or application is a RSA SecurID Authentication Agent.

Installation of a RSA SecurID Authentication Agent on an existing device or application, that has already been tested and certified, is problematic.  Organizations are often unwilling to undertake software changes on critical devices and applications for fear of affecting uptime.  Additionally many organizations’ devices and applications were developed by third parties and therefore cannot be easily or inexpensively changed.

Therefore, in order to implement RSA SecurID, most organizations choose to deploy a network barrier (e.g., firewalls, gateways or jump servers) and re-architect the network so the unsecure devices and applications sit behind the network barrier.  However, when an organization uses a network barrier the only information they will receive from RSA SecurID is that a user logged into the network barrier, anything that happens after that point will be hidden.  Another issue is that, if an administrator wants to restrict access to a specific device or application beyond the network barrier, the only way to do so is with an unsecure username and password, as shown below.  This perpetuates the “hard on the outside/ soft on the inside” problem and greatly increases the probability of an insider attack.

RSA SecurID Infrastructure with a Network Barrier

TELEGRID’s SMRTe expands the protection provided by existing RSA SecurID infrastructures.  It creates a Virtual RSA SecurID Authentication Agent for each device and application. This allows the RSA SecurID Authentication Manager to provide granular user-specific logging.  This also allows an administrator to restrict access to a specific device or application.  The SMRTe provides organizations with a simple solution to include devices and application in RSA SecurID infrastructures and increase overall network security.

RSA SecurID Infrastructure with Virtual RSA SecurID Authentication Agents

Download the SMRTe Virtual RSA SecurID Authentication Agent Flyer