C4ISR Interface Capabilities

C4ISR Interface Capabilities

TELEGRID specializes in Everything over IP (EoIP) solutions and serial to packet technology to interface legacy communications to modern networks. TELEGRID’s adapters, baseband buffers, and range extenders allow secure and non-secure voice and data communications over the Internet, satellite connections and fiber optic links. TELEGRID’s C4ISR Interfaces are used by the US military to interface legacy equipment to modern systems as part of the ongoing Unified Communications transformation process.

Legacy Voice Encryption
TELEGRID engineers maintain a unique knowledge of VINSON and ANDVT voice encryption products (e.g., KY-57, KY-99). The importance of interfaces to these devices has increased due to the US Air Force’s VINSON/ANDVT Cryptographic Modernization (VACM) program.

Interfaces and Device Control
TELEGRID combines its knowledge of serial to packet technology with its focus on remote management and control to develop interfaces that not only convert protocols but allow control of the legacy device.

Design and Manufacturing
If a custom hardware solution is required, TELEGRID has the ability to design and manufacture a wide range of secure equipment including handheld devices, rackmounted equipment, and solar-powered repeaters. TELEGRID can provide a fully ruggedized product that is certified to MIL-STD-810G and IP67.

Certification and Documentation
TELEGRID provides a complete solution for customers including certification and documentation support. By maintaining close proximity to its testing facilities TELEGRID is able to speed testing and certification times.