Direction Finding

TELEGRID engineers are hard at work developing a new mobile Direction Finding system using “cheap” Software Defined Radio (SDR).  Advances in small and inexpensive SDR allows new Direction Finding capabilities unheard of only a few years ago.  TELEGRID’s initial prototypes prove that new Direction Finding systems can be produced in a fraction of the cost and time required today. The size of the system allows for integration into autonomous mobile platforms such as robots and as well as drones and UAVs.   Direction Finding can then be performed autonomously and on unmanned platforms in austere or regions inaccessible by troops.  The TELEGRID Direction Finding system will be a great addition to Electronic Warfare as well as Signal Intelligence.

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TELEGRID’s own Beth Flippo presented a tutorial on Direction Finding Methodologies and SDR at the IEEE Symposium.  Click here for a copy of the presentation slides.


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