TELEGRID Newsletter – Second Quarter 2014

TELEGRID Newsletter – Second Quarter 2014

Secure Your NetOps Tools – Product Launch

When we think of encryption it is often about securing the information being transmitted between network elements. What is usually ignored is the security of the elements themselves and the network management tools that monitor and control them. For example, what would happen to your network if a hacker shut off a modem or intercepted alarm messages (think Stuxnet)? While the DoD has issued directives to secure network management tools, the truth is that many of the existing systems contain elements that are still not managed securely.

It was this reality that prompted TELEGRID to develop the Secure Management Agent (SMA) family of products. These devices provide secure access to network management tools over an IP network. They are capable of securing network management protocols including converting unsecured SNMPv1 to SNMPv3 and providing SSL encryption of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) (e.g., Telnet sessions, web configuration tools, etc.). SMA hardware units include embedded firewalls with a physical network separation to protect unsecured element managers.

An SMA can access multiple management tools simultaneously allowing administrators to customize SNMP signaling. This means that if there is information that can only be accessed through a Telnet session or web configuration tool, the SMA can strip that information and generate SNMP traps for use by the administrator.

How secure are your network operations tools? Contact us for a free evaluation.

Network Operations Security

Shipboard Mesh Network Test

TELEGRID recently completed a six month test and evaluation of the WZRDnet Wireless Mesh Network on-board a US Navy Amphibious Assault Ship. TELEGRID engineers deployed the network over the entire ship to provide voice, text and data services to ship personnel. Our small form-factor mesh repeaters were deployed throughout the ship along with a WZRDnet Gateway that provided connectivity with the existing ship’s wired phone system. Wireless mesh sensors were also added to test future applications including remote monitoring and control of equipment.

The main benefit of the network was its quick and simple installation. As opposed to other communications systems which may take up to a full year to install, WZRDnet was installed in only two days. This highlights the cost savings provided by WZRDnet and its potential as a simple, inexpensive solution for existing ships.

Click to watch a video detailing the benefits of the WZRDnet for shipboard voice and data communications including simple installation, integration of sensor networks, management of equipment and tracking applications.

TELEGRID Tradeshow Calendar

April 2 – Fort Meade Tech Expo – Fort Meade, MD

April 23 – Aberdeen Proving Ground Spring Technology Expo – Aberdeen, MD

May 12-14 – JIE Mission Partner Symposium – Booth 914 – Baltimore, MD

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