Wireless Mesh Networking Services

Wireless Mesh Capabilities

TELEGRID is a market leader in wireless mesh networks.  TELEGRID designs and produces networks for the harshest physical and RF environments including ships, mines and tunnels.  TELEGRID engineers provide a complete solution starting from network design to deployment. As an OEM, TELEGRID is able to identify high value suppliers while maintaining the ability to develop products if no COTS solutions are available. The ability to develop and produce equipment differentiates TELEGRID from other integrators. 

Wireless Mesh NetworkNetwork Design

TELEGRID works with customers to select the optimal protocol for their network. Whether the requirement is a high bandwidth video network or long lasting sensor network, TELEGRID has a solution.

Propagation Analysis

TELEGRID uses the latest RF propagation analysis and NetOps simulation tools. By providing valuable network statistics prior to deployment, TELEGRID takes the guessing out of mesh networking.

Design and Manufacturing

If a custom hardware solution is required, TELEGRID has the ability to design and manufacture a wide range of equipment including handheld devices, rackmounted equipment, and solar-powered repeaters. TELEGRID can provide a fully ruggedized product that is certified to MIL-STD-810G and IP67.

Certification and Documentation

TELEGRID provides a complete solution for customers including certification and documentation support. By maintaining close proximity to its testing facilities TELEGRID is able to speed testing and certification times.