Wireless Mesh Networking Products

Wireless Mesh Products

Shipboard Mesh Networks

Wireless Mesh Shipboard NetworkMesh networks are an ideal candidate for shipboard communications, especially as a simple to install upgrade to existing vessels. Wireless mesh networking products internal ship voice and data communications without the expense of installing any infrastructure. When compared to competing systems which require an infrastructure such as Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) or Radiating Transmission Line (RTL) systems, WZRDnet is shown to have clearly superior benefits.  Click for more information

Proteus Mesh Network

Broadband Mesh NetworkProteus is a self-healing wireless mesh network designed for high throughput.  Proteus consists of man-transportable ruggedized kits that can be rapidly deployed to establish an IP based network.  Each kit includes a lithium-ion battery for portable applications.  Click for more information. Proteus can be temporarily deployed during ship construction to reduce the risk and associated costs of finding problems in mission critical electronics systems later in the ship construction process.  For a white paper on how mesh networks can aid ship construction click here

Wireless Mesh HandsetWZRDnet Mesh Handset

The WZRDnet Mesh Handset operates as both a user interface and a repeater in the WZRDnet mesh network. It includes a built-in GPS for force tracking applications. It is a rugged unit that is certified to MIL-STD 810G and IP67 for water and dust resistance. Click the picture for more information. Click for more information

Wireless Mesh Repeater

Solar Powered Mesh RepeaterThe WZRDnet Mesh Repeater provides extended coverage for the WZRDnet Network. The Repeater can be easily mounted on a wall or mast for added network assurance. It is a small, lightweight device making it an ideal solution for both permanent and temporary needs. It can be wirelessly programmed via the WZRDnet Command Center or connected to a PC via its mini-USB port. It is powered by either AC, DC or solar power but includes an internal Lithium-Ion battery for portable applications including anti-piracy operations and disaster relief. Click for more information

Interoperability Gateway

ROIP Interoperability GatewayThe WZRDnet Gateway provides connectivity between the WZRDnet mesh network and any available IP network (e.g., Wi-Fi, VOIP, etc.), or analog network (i.e., PSTN).  The WZRDnet Gateway can interconnect with various WAN access systems like Very Small Aperture Terminals (VSATs), Broadband Global Area Network (BGAN) terminals, Rapid Response Tactical Routers (RRTRs), etc. It thus increases the availability of these access systems to network users that are not able to physically connect to or be indirect line-of-sight of these access systems.  The Gateway is capable of interoperating with Wide Area Networks via Ethernet, analog PSTN, Wi-FI, USB, and serial connections. Click for more information

WZRapid Deployment Mesh NetworkRDnet Mesh Network Kits

WZRDnet Kits contain, in a single man-transportable case, all the equipment needed to form a complete stand-alone voice, text and data mesh network as well as provide Wide Area Network access.  WZRDnet Transportable Kits provide modular and mobile communications around obstructions and beyond line-of-sight. Increase capabilities by integrating satellite terminals, ruggedized laptops, and solar power sources. Click for more information.  For a white paper on the WZRDnet Tactical Kit click here

Radio Tracking ApplicationWZRDnet Command Center and Tracking Application

The WZRDnet Command Center is a PC based application that allows an administrator to communicate with other WZRDnet handsets over the mesh network. An administrator can also track GPS coordinates of handsets and plot them on Google Earth. Click the picture for more information. Click for more information

Direction Finding ApplicationWZRDnet Direction Finding Application

The WZRDnet Direction Finding Application calculates the distance and direction to a target by comparing the GPS coordinates of a WZRDnet Handset with those received from other users over the mesh network. The Application is extremely useful in cases where dispersed dismounted soldiers have to be directed towards a specific assembly point. Click for more information. For a white paper on the Direction Finding Application click here

Real Time Locating SystemActive RFID and Real-Time Locating Systems

TELEGRID designs custom Active RFID tags with user defined features including built in motion detectors, temperature sensors, push button alerts and LEDs.  TELEGRID also provides fully customizable asset and personnel tracking systems based on Active RFID technology and SQL databases. Click for more information