SMRTe Privileged Access Management

Privileged Access Management Without The Cost

The SMRTe is the simplest way to enable secure two-factor authentication (2FA) on the management interfaces of network devices and applications. The SMRTe was designed from the ground up to eliminate the most expensive components of Privileged Access Management Tools including firewalls and password vaults.

The SMRTe’s patent pending technology works within your existing authentication and authorization architecture to enhance security and promote network best practices. The SMRTe challenges the conventional thinking that the only way to provide secure authentication is with a firewall or reverse proxy.

The SMRTe was initially developed for the Military by a team of engineers including ex-NSA.




Privileged Access Manager that accepts biometric fingerprintsPrivileged Access Management without firewallsPrivileged Access Management without passwords
SMRTe design allows the use of any form of 2FA including Smartcards, RSA SecurID, OTP, OOB, Biometrics, etc.SMRTe operates without firewalls or reverse proxies removing bottlenecks and network re-architecting.SMRTe completely eliminates passwords removing the cost of maintaining password vaults and databases.




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