Government vs. Commercial Cybersecurity

In the past two weeks TELEGRID engineers gave presentations on Embedded Software Security and attended talks on M2M cybersecurity, IPv6 security flaws, and personal cybersecurity best practices.  Since TELEGRID designs embedded software security tools for the US Military all of these talks were aimed at the Government.

As we sat and listened we began to notice a common theme.  According to the presenters, Commercial cybersecurity is head and shoulders above the Government and the only way the Government will defeat this enemy is to learn from the Commercial sector (and pay the consultant giving the talk).  We were therefore quite amused to read in this month’s issue of Harvard Business Review, the de facto bible of Industry, that HBR believes that the Government is in fact better than the Commercial sector at cybersecurity.

We think the simple takeaway is that cybersecurity is difficult and everyone feels like the other guy is doing it better.  We also think Government engineers should print out this article, hang it on their wall and show it to a consultant the next time they are told they should learn from the Commercial sector.

To read the Harvard Business Review article Click Here.