If only SDN could get me through security quicker

Interesting article from CRN about how Software Defined Networking (SDN) could have averted United Airlines network outage last week.  The article states that a large amount of traffic overwhelmed a router causing the grounding of all United flights.

SDN would have prevented this issue by allowing automated bandwidth prioritization based on network flows.  As the size of our networks and the data that traverses it grows the knee jerk reaction is to add switches and routers.  But the answer is not always more hardware, rather a new approach based on software defined networking is required.  Below are some quotes and a link to the article.

TELEGRID was selected to be a part of the Defense Information Systems Agency’s (DISA) SDN Use Case Proof of Concepts.

“United said in a statement that “a router degraded network connectivity for various applications,” which caused the grounding of all flights for nearly two hours nationwide Wednesday morning, affecting tens of thousands of travelers.”
“Solution providers agree that the router issue could have been prevented if the airline properly utilized software-defined networking. Simply adding more infrastructure hardware won’t fix the issues airlines will have as the Internet of Things emerges, more devices become connected and big data is collected, they said.”United Airlines’ Flight-Delaying Network Issues Would Be Fixed By SDN, VARs Say


Eric Sharret is Vice President of Business Development at TELEGRID. TELEGRID has unique expertise in secure embedded systems, secure authentication, PKI, and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

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