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Using AI to Identify the Resistance

Last month the New York Times published a now famous op-ed from someone within President Trump’s administration.  The piece led to a hunt for the “member of the resistance” and denials by major political figures.  Watching this unfold I began to wonder whether Artificial Intelligence could have identified the author.  I have applied machine learning

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Machine Learning Marketing

Machine Learning Marketing: Ignore Size

TELEGRID uses Machine Learning in many of its products specifically behavioral biometrics for user authentication.  I personally spend countless hours researching Machine Learning and performing market analysis.  Doing so I have noticed a troubling trend in Machine Learning marketing whereby size is being promoted as the ultimate differentiator.  I believe this ignores the math behind

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Protect Anonymity in Machine Learning

How to Protect Anonymity in Machine Learning

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) just went into effect in the European Union.  It is a law that is designed to protect the privacy of individuals by requiring explicit permission for data collection and the enforcement of strict data usage policies.   Companies, specifically those that employ machine learning, have complained about the onerous regulation,

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Mental Hypervisors

Mental Hypervisors and Hardware Cybersecurity

Forbes Magazine had an interesting article last month about security vulnerabilities in home security products from SimpliSafe, Samsung, Comcast and others.  The author highlighted the usual vulnerabilities including default passwords and unencrypted signaling, but, there was one quote that I found particularly interesting. When quoting the security expert Dr Andrew Zonenberg the author wrote “SimpliSafe

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